Preparing for the Great North American Solar Eclipse

Get ready skywatchers! A total solar eclipse is coming to North America on Monday, April 8th. The path of totality will cross from Mexico through the central United States and up into northeastern Canada. Even outside the path of totality, here in Bucks County, a partial solar eclipse will be visible across a large swath of the continent.

While eclipses are an awe-inspiring astronomical event, they also present some unique challenges and hazards for drivers and passengers on the road. As the moon passes in front of the sun, light levels can change rapidly, impairing visibility. Drivers and passengers may also be tempted to look up at the eclipse.

For paratransit operators, drivers, and riders, preparing properly for the eclipse is essential for safety. Here are some tips:

Eclipse Driving & Rider Safety Tips:

  • Check routes ahead of time and try to be pulled over and stopped during peak eclipse times when the sun is obscured the most.
  • Make sure your headlights are working properly and turn them on as light levels drop during the eclipse. Tail lights should also be on.
  • Never look directly at the sun or eclipsed sun without proper protective eclipse glasses, even momentarily. Looking at the sun can cause permanent eye damage.
  • Ask passengers to avoid looking out windows at the sun during the eclipse. Provide eclipse glasses for riders who wish to view it safely.
  • Be prepared for traffic backups and distracted drivers who may pull over to view the eclipse.
  • Riders, keep aisles and rays clear of any obstructions in case of sudden stops or turns due to reduced visibility.
  • Extra patience and vigilance will be required during the quickly changing light conditions.

While eclipses are relatively brief events, the team here at BCT takes your safety and that of our riders seriously. Following the tips above will help ensure a wonderfully memorable and safe eclipse experience for all.

The next total solar eclipse visible across portions of North America won’t occur until 2045, so make sure to mark your calendars and enjoy this celestial spectacle safely!

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