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Bucks County Transport
PO Box 510
Holicong, PA 18928

For general info:
9am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday

A non-profit organization providing transportation for all Bucks County residents.


As of June 26, 2020 Bucks County has entered the Green Phase of pandemic restrictions. Bucks County Transport will now be open for all trip destinations according to Governor Wolf's instructions.

Bucks County Transport is prepared to provide safe, reliable service as our communities emerge from stay-at-home orders. We understand that the safety of our workforce and our passengers must take priority and therefore we have implemented a prescribed list of measures to ensure a safe environment.


  • Drivers will attest that they are symptom free and have their temperature taken before beginning their shift.
  • Drivers are asked to stay home if they do not feel well, and to self-quarantine for 14 days if they exhibit symptoms.
  • Drivers wear a mask covering their nose and mouth. Drivers understand not to touch their face or their mask.
  • Drivers practice safe hand hygiene washing hands as often as practicable and liberal use of approved hand sanitizer, which BCT provides.
  • Drivers are provided with masks, gloves, paper towels and sanitizing solution that is chemically effective against coronavirus.
  • BCT terminals maintain a stock of PPE and cleaning solvents to ensure there is plenty in supply.
  • Drivers repeatedly clean high touch areas on their vehicles throughout the day, and where possible, when a passenger departs their vehicle.
  • Drivers will ensure that passengers maintain proper distancing on their vehicle.
  • Drivers will communicate any unsafe acts or conditions so that they can be quickly remedied.


  • Passengers are contacted prior to their trip to confirm that they are symptom free and have not had a fever in 72 hours.
  • Passengers take their temperature to ensure it is less than 100.3 F prior to leaving their home.
  • Face mask: For the safety of our employees, passengers, and community, all passengers are highly recommended to wear a face mask at all times while entering, riding and departing our vehicles.
  • We are limiting the number of passengers per bus to allow safe physical distancing and passengers are required to maintain safe distancing while on board as well as entering and departing the vehicles.
  • Passengers agree to practice clean hand hygiene by frequent handwashing and liberal hand sanitizer use.
  • BCT is coordinating with state and local agencies to ensure passengers are properly trained and aware of public safety protocols.
  • Passengers are encouraged to let us know if they have observed or experienced any concerns.


  • BCT vehicles are cleaned repeatedly throughout each day with disinfectant spray effective against coronavirus as well as cold, flu, mold and mildew.
  • Surfaces cleaned repeatedly include handrails, stanchion bars, arm rest and grab handles, seats, seat belts, wheel chair securement areas, lift area, and all high touch areas.
  • BCT vehicles receive full deep cleaning at our maintenance facility on a routine basis.
  • If we are notified of a COVID-19 positive passenger or employee, the vehicle(s) exposed will be removed from service and a deep cleaning performed.

We are constantly reviewing recommendations by Governor Tom Wolf, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the PA Department of Health, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association (PPTA), to adopt measures that are recommended.

BCT views safety as the number one priority that must be upheld. As we learn of new measures that can be taken to improve the safety of our operation, we research the options and assign resources where improvements can be implemented.